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SmartOM(ESS Remote Monitoring System)

On the basis of the self-developed photovoltaic monitoring platform SmartPV, Taoke Energy carries out ESS remote monitoring system SmartOM, which can integrate a variety of different application modes such as wind power, solar energy storage, wind energy storage, wind-solar-diesel hybrid energy storage, off-grid and pure energy storage.

With the development of intelligent energy system ESV, SmartOM will also cover services such as GW energy router docking, EMS remote upgrade, and VPP revenue docking.

Based on the future distributed power grid of source-grid-load-storage, SmartOM can meet the monitoring, operation, maintenance and management needs of various types of energy structures.

CATL Air-cooling Battery
CATL Liquid-cooling Battery-EnerOne

PCS adopts modular design. The capacity of a single module is 62.5 kW. One cabinet can install up to 8 modules with a maximum power of 500 kW. You can also parallel multiple racks to increase capacity and connect to the grid.

Match PV or wind power generation
PCS&DC-DC Integrated Machine

Photovoltaic storage hybrid inverter is a product jointly developed by Taoke Energy and inverter manufacturers, which integrates DC-DC and energy storage inverter into an integrated cabinet that is similar to a Hybrid PCS. It is suitable for small and medium-sized C&I PV energy storage projects with advantages of saving space and good system stability.The power unit of each module is 50kW, it can flexibly adapt to different AC and DC powers and realize a maximum stand-alone 200kW DC-DC + 200kW PCS.